Fred's DiVOT
The Divot was founded in 1962 by Fred Cosentino. Pictured on the right. Prior to the bar being named Fred's Divot, it was Taw's Divot.  The original owner was Taw Matzie. Fred worked as a bartender for Taw and decided that he wanted to purchase the Divot.  Fred worked multiple jobs to save up the necessary money to make the purchase.  In 1962, his dream came true and he purchased the bar and renamed it Fred's Divot.
In the mid 70's Fred decided that he wanted to put a swimming pool on the roof because he hated the crowds at the "Borough" pool but loved to swim.  Everyone laughed.  Once the plans were approved and the steel decking was purchased, people stopped laughing and his idea of a roof top club sounded possible. Construction started but the costs rose and the job was never completed.

In the 60's and early 70's the bar opened at 7am and catered to the workers at American Bridge, J & L Steel, H.H. Roberston and other local mills. 
During the early days, the bar was actually downstairs in the basement and the upstairs area which is now the bar, was the restaurant.  The Divot special at the time was a spaghetti and hot sausage dinner for 49 cents.  Live music and dancing was common.
When beer can collecting was all of the rage, Fred's Divot offered over 1,000 different brands.  Even today, the beer selection at Fred's is too numerous to name.

In 1988, Fred was elected into the Bartender's Hall of Fame. (Click here to Visit)

Many celebrities have been in Fred's Divot over the years including Liza Minelli, Tony Dorsett, Mike Ditka, Kevin Pollack, Arnold Palmer as well as many Pittsburgh Steelers.
When Fred became ill, in 1993, his son Greg took over the business for several years and then sold it to Curtis Martin, who was the Bar Manager at the time and is still the Owner.  His story is a similar one to Fred's.